Group members:

  • Alexandre Simon Exchange Research Student from France
    Project on Machine Learning
    in Summer 2018.
    Short bio:
  • Jonathan Meyer ETP funded Research Student
    Industrial Project on Energy
    in 2018.
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  • Dr. Selcuk Atalay works on the EPSRC funded project
    Transport and Reactions in Complex Heterogeneous Multiphase Systems
    in July 2017.
    Short bio:
    Selcuk obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Institute of Micro/Nano Technology Laboratory in Aerospace Engineering in Old Dominion University, U.S.A in 2014. Now, he is working on the finite element implementation of transport and chemical reaction models to be solved for complex heterogeneous systems such as lithium-ion batteries based on mathematical, physical and thermodynamic principles. This project is funded by EPSRC and Heriot-Watt University. His research interests are electrochemistry, transport phenomena, electrokinetics, fluid mechanics and applied mathematics in nanoscale systems.

  • Ms Jeta Molla will start her PhD project associated with the EPSRC fundend project
    Transport and Reactions in Complex Heterogeneous Multiphase Systems,
    in October 2017.
    Short bio: TBC

Past members: